Homework 1 ✍🏻

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The first homework consists of a paper critique and a design problem with a programming component. It is due on Sunday, Mar 24, at 11:59 PM.

  • Deliverables:
    • Submit a PDF of your homework, listing all your code, to the Gradescope entitled “HW1”. You may typeset your homework in LaTeX or Word or submit neatly handwritten and scanned solutions. Please start each question on a new page. Include any graphs within the relevant sections. Each solution should be self-contained on its own page.
    • Please list the names of students who helped you or those whom you helped with the homework. Note that exchanging code is not allowed.
    • To facilitate the grading process, you must match which page corresponds to each of the questions, when you are submitting your homework. See this video for Gradescope tutorial.
  • Contents:
  • Grading Criteria:
    • Paper Critique (5%):
      • Check Plus (5%) - The critique is very well written and very insightful.
      • Check (3-4%) - Adequate. Most critiques are expected to fall into this category.
      • Check Minus (2%) - The critique lacks depth. Summaries may be vague, strengths/weaknesses trivial, questions superficial, and discussions shallow.
      • No submission (0%)
    • Design Problem & Programming (10%):
      • Check Plus (10%) - The solution is exceptionally well-developed and coded.
      • Check (6-8%) - Adequate. Most submissions are expected to fall into this category.
      • Check Minus (2-4%) - The solution lacks depth.
      • No submission (0%)
    • Late submission will be graded according to the late policy