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[Student’s Awards / 연구실 학생들의 수상 소식]


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Sundong Kim

Assistant Professor
Lab director

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Sejin Kim

Postdoctoral researcher
Artificial General Intelligence

Graduate Students

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Jaehyun Park (Leader)

MS-PhD student
Reinforcement Learning

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Sanha Hwang

MS student

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Woochang Sim

MS student
LLM-powered World Models

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Jihwan Lee

MS-PhD student
World models, Journal club

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Seokki Lee

MS-PhD student
Neurosymbolic graphs

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Woletemaryam Liyew

MS student
Genetic algorithm, NAS

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Donghyeon Shin

MS student
Skill-based, hierarchical RL

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Jiwon Park

MS-PhD student
Neural networks, GPU

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Klea Lena Kovačec

MS student
Benchmarks for LLMs

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Marha Midhatiey Rusli

MS student
Rule-based learning

Undergraduate Students

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Seungpil Lee

Thesis II
Skill-based, hierarchical RL

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Hosung Lee

MLE Intern
Program synthesis, ARCLE

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Yunho Kim

Thesis I
Representation learning

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Geonwoo Cho

MLE Intern
Reinforcement learning



I have been fortunate to work with the following students.

Undergraduate Students at GIST Data Science Group:

  • Heejun Kim, Jan-May 2024 (GIST EECS → Visting student at UC Berkeley)
  • Suyeon Shim, Jan-May 2024 (GIST EECS → SWE Intern at NAVER)
  • Dohyun Ko, Jan-May 2024 (GIST EECS → Visting student at UC Berkeley)
  • Mintaek Lim, Jan 2023 - May 2024 (GIST EECS → MS/PhD student at SNU ECE)
  • Jiwon Park, Jul 2023 - Feb 2024 (GIST EECS → MS/PhD student in our lab)
  • Donghyeon Shin, Mar 2023 - Feb 2024 (GIST EECS → MS student in our lab)
  • Jaegyun Im, Jan-Dec 2023 (GIST EECS)
  • Wonkyu Seo, Mar-Dec 2023 (GIST EECS)
  • Gyojoon Gu, Jul-Dec 2023 (GIST EECS → MS student at TU Munich)
  • Hyunjun Huh, Jul-Dec 2023 (GIST EECS → Visiting student at SNU)
  • Kena Melkamu Bulcha, Jul-Oct 2023 (GIST EECS)
  • Jaehyun Park, Jan-Aug 2023 (GIST EECS → MS/PhD student in our lab)
  • Peter Suk, Jul-Aug 2023 (Indiana University Bloomington → MS student at Korea University)
  • Tair Djanibekov, Jul-Aug 2023 (Inha University in Tashkent → MS student at KAIST AI)
  • Ana Sofia Mendonça, Jul-Aug 2023 (NOVA IMS → IT Consultant at KPMG)
  • Hyebin Jin, Mar-Jun 2023 (GIST EECS → Financial Supervisory Service)
  • Ohyeon Kwon, Apr-Jun 2023 (GIST EECS → SWE at Startup)
  • Doyoon Song, Mar-Jun 2023 (GIST EECS → SWE at Toggle)
  • Sabina Ualibekova, Jan-Jun 2023 (GIST EECS)
  • Youngdo Lee, Jan-Jun 2023 (KAIST CS → MS student at KAIST AI)
  • Sangwoo Park, Jan-Feb 2023 (KAIST CS)


Graduate Students at IBS/KAIST Data Science Group (DS Group):

  • Donghyun Ahn, 2022
  • Sungwon Park (→ Intern at Microsoft Research Asia), 2020-2022
  • Sungwon Han (→ Intern at Microsoft Research Asia, UToronto, Google Cloud), 2020-2022
  • Eunji Lee (→ Visiting Student at UCLA → SWE at LG Electronics), 2021-2022

Undergraduate Students at IBS/KAIST Data Science Group (DS Group):


Graduate Students at KAIST Data Mining Group:

  • Youngjun Lee, 2022-
  • Sejin Kim (PhD → Postdoc in our lab), 2019
  • Minseok Kim (PhD → Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa AI), 2017, 2019-2020
  • Hwanjun Song (PhD → Research Scientist at Naver AI → Research Scientist at Amazon AWS AI → Assistant Professor at KAIST), 2019-2022

Undergraduate Students at KAIST Data Mining Group:

  • Beomyoung Kim (→ ML Engineer at Tanker AI, alternative services), 2019
  • Yooju Shin (→ PhD Student at KAIST DM Lab), 2017, 2021-2022