Data Engineering

Spring 2023

  • Code: AI5308 / AI4005
  • Schedule: Tue/Thu 1:00pm-2:30pm
  • Location: GIST College Building A, Room 227 (N4)
  • Instructor: Sundong Kim
  • TAs: Sanha Hwang, Sungkyu Yang, Hongyiel Suh
  • Discord Channel (Discussion and Q&A, Team Collaboration)
  • Contact: Students are encouraged to ask all course-related questions on Discord, where you can also find announcements.
  • Class Overview, Logistics and Grading: See this page
  • Final Project: See this page

Textbook & References



Herebelow, you can find the schedule of the course.

Date       Description Readings Homeworks
Feb 28 Introduction Sign-up form  
Mar 2 Overview of Machine Learning Systems DMLS Ch.1  
Mar 7 Introduction to Machine Learning Systems Design DMLS Ch.2, Slides  
Mar 9 Class Logistics, Homework Releases Slides  
Mar 14 Project Announcement Slides Final project
Mar 16 Introduction to Machine Learning Systems Design DMLS Ch.2, Slides HW - Webpage (Mar 17)
Mar 21 Data Engineering 101 DMLS Ch.3, Slides Team formation (Mar 20)
Mar 23 Data Engineering 101, Training data DMLS Ch.3-4, Slides  
Mar 28 Training data DMLS Ch.4, Slides HW - Critique 1 (Mar 27)
Mar 30 Critique 1 discussion Slides Invited talk (Wonyoung Shin)
Apr 4 Pop Quiz Slides  
Apr 6 Data Imbalance and Data Augmentation DMLS Ch.4, Slides Invited talk (Byeongjo Kim and Shengzhe Li)
Apr 11 Feature Engineering DMLS Ch.5, Slides  
Apr 13 Feature Engineering DMLS Ch.5, Slides  
Apr 18 No Lecture (Midterm Period)    
Apr 20 No Lecture (Midterm Period)    
Apr 25 Feature Engineering DMLS Ch.5, Slides HW - Critique 2 (Apr 24)
Apr 27 Model development and offline evaluation DMLS Ch.6, Slides  
May 2 Project Review (Presentation)    
May 4 Project Comments DMLS Ch.7, Slides  
May 9 Brainstorming the Demo Day    
May 11 Demo day and Report Announcement Project page  
May 16 Study W&B and MLFlow   Invited talk (Junbum Lee - KoAlpaca)
May 18 Project Review (Discussion)   Invited talk (Sungwon Han - Responsible AI, 4pm)
May 23 Critique 3 discussion + Human Side of ML DMLS Ch.11 HW - Critique 3 (May 22)
May 25 Continual Learning DMLS Ch.8-9, Slides Invited talk (Youngsub Lim - MLOps in MakinaRocks, 4pm)
May 30 Project Review (Play demos)    
Jun 1 Quiz    
Jun 6 No Lecture (National Holiday)    
Jun 8 Project review (Demo Setup & Draft Report Critique, AI Building 1F)    
Jun 13 Demo day (AI Building 1F, from 12:00pm) Message Photos
Jun 15 No Lecture (Finals week) Reference HW - Team report (due: Jun 16)