Data Structures

Spring 2023

Schedule: Tue/Thu 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location: GIST EECS C2, Haerim Hall (Zoom Online) / Class Colab

Instructor: Ue-Hwan, Kim (
Office: GIST Central Research Facilities (C11) 407
Office Hour: Thu 3pm-4pm or by appointment




This course deals with the fundamentals of data structures; the very foundation of computer science. This course covers various types of data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, etc. and entails lots of hands-on experiences. After this course, students will be able to implement fundamental data structures and design their own data structures for their programs.


Date Topic Materials Homework
02-28 Introduction; Python Primer
03-02 Python Primer (cont'd)
03-07 Recursion
03-09 Object Oriented Programming
03-14 Algorithms
03-16 Abstract Data Types
03-21 Arrays and Strings
03-23 Linked Lists
03-28 Stacks
03-30 Queues
04-04 Binary Search
04-06 Sorting
04-11 Midterm Review
04-13 No Lecture (Midterm Preparation)
04-18 Midterm
04-20 No Lecture (Midterm Period)
04-25 Sets and Maps
04-27 Hashing
05-02 Trees
05-04 Heaps and Priority Queues
05-09 Binary Search Trees
05-11 AVL Trees
05-16 234 Trees and Red-Black Trees
05-18 Graphs (1)
05-23 Graphs (2)
05-25 Graphs (3)
05-30 CS Paths
06-01 Final Exam Review
06-06 No Lecture (National Holiday)
06-08 No Lecture (Final Exam Preparation)
06-14 Final Exam
06-16 No Lecture (Final Exam Period)